View Tip: 25 Photo Clichés You Should Stop Doing

New York to London Milky Way Image Credit & Copyright: Alessandro Merga

Lists with 10 tips – the subject doesn’t matter – are popular on the internet. Even stronger: Ten tips lists are hot.

What do you do as a website to distinguish yourself from the rest?
You make a list with 25 tips. Twenty-five tips is the future!

At least Web 4.0.

The people from DigitalRev have grasped that very well. Their video, “25 Photo Clichés You Should Stop Doing,” hits the nail on the head. And it gives 99% of the viewers a kick in the butt. Me too.


I dare to predict that there are multiple sins named that you’re guilty of making or have made. I did in any case.

Ow, DigitalRev, ow.

I won’t do it anymore, I think.
What can I still photograph?
How can I still edit my photos or present them, without becoming one of Kai’s morality tales?
How do I escape the irony of DigitalRev?

Hopefully someone has 10 tips for me?



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