Camera basics


AF test (2): How accurate is Auto Focus?

In a previous article about the speed of the auto focus, we discussed how the various AF systems work. And why one system is faster than

How do I spot dirt/dust on the sensor?

With system cameras with interchangeable lenses, it is unavoidable that the sensor will get dirty—whether that is dust from the environment, oil from moving parts


Panasonic GH4R / V-Log L

At the start of this month, the Panasonic GH4R was announced at the IFA trade show in Germany, along with an extensive software update for


AF test (1): How fast is auto focus?

For cameras and lenses, speed and accuracy of the auto focus are an important part of our testing procedure. We have written little about that,

Dynamic range of 60 cameras reviewed

From our survey, it appears that CameraStuffReview readers think that dynamic range is the most important property of a camera. In any case, more important