Lens know-how

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How do I choose the right lens?

Subjective roadmap to purchasing a lens Modern cameras with interchangeable lenses, both mirrorless system cameras and SLRs, are very, very good. So good, in fact,

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What is distortion?

When an image does not match reality, it’s distorted. There are several ways a lens can distort your image ans some are associated with the


What is chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration occurs when light breaks in a lens: colors shift towards each other. The most famous example of refraction is probably a rainbow, where


What is Bokeh?

The word ‘boke’ (ボケ味) originates from the Japanese language and is used to describe the blur in out of focus areas of an image. According

How do I use a macro lens?

It is unusual to choose a macro lens as the first addition to a standard kit lens. And yet, it is a logical choice. Not


How do I choose a lens?

Very often the following question is asked: “I like photographing my (grand) children and nature, and I just have a kit lens. What should be