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How do I use a macro lens?

It is unusual to choose a macro lens as the first addition to a standard kit lens. And yet, it is a logical choice. Not


How do I choose a lens?

Very often the following question is asked: “I like photographing my (grand) children and nature, and I just have a kit lens. What should be

Fancy a specific brand?

Prêt-à-porter advice

Readers want personal advice from us. Unfortunately, we have no time and resources to answer all these questions. That is why we have written “semi-customized” (“pret-a-porter”) advice on this site for different target groups. We have elaborated this for each camera and / or type of photography.
Our “pret-a-porter” advice only includes cameras and lenses that we have tested ourselves for

What's in a name?


Budget is important. Your new camera may not cost more than approx. 500 euros, including the lens.


Fun in photography is paramount. But it must also remain affordable. So camera body of under 1,000 euros​


Will it be a high-end camera with a crop sensor? Or an affordable full frame? It's completely up to you


You are looking for the highest quality. That may cost some in euros & drops of sweat (size and weight)

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