(P)Review Fujifilm X-S10

productshot Fujifilm X S10
productshot Fujifilm X S10

Fujifilm has added a new model to the X-series. The X-S10 bundles the specifications of the X-T4 into a smaller body that is easier to use.

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small or slim, or perhaps simple 

Fujifilm did not announce what the S stands for in the name of the X-S10, but we can take a guess: for small or slim, or perhaps simple. Let’s start with the size: the X-S10 measures 126 x 85x 65 mm and weighs 465 grams. In terms of dimensions, it sits just between the X-T30 and the X-T4.


What is immediately noticeable is the deeper grip, which is the most similar to that on the X-H1. As a result, the X-S10 fits very well in the hand, even if you have slightly larger hands. The grip also ensures better balance for larger lenses such as the 100-400mm. Of course, you can use all X lenses on the camera. The housing feels sturdy and robust. No shortcuts were taken on the materials, using a magnesium alloy. 
The X-S10 contains an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2.36 megapixels and a high refresh rate of 100 fps. The LCD screen can fold out and rotate completely so that it is also suitable for vloggers.

 Thanks to a fold-out screen, the X-S10 is suitable for selfies and vlogs.


Fujifilm X-S10 with image stabilization
Just like the X-H1 and X-T4, the camera is equipped with a five-axis image stabilization system. This IBIS system has been newly developed for this camera, and is 30% smaller and lighter than the mechanism in the X-T4, which in turn was already 30% smaller than that in the X-H1. The gain is due to the use of more compact components and a new layout of the motherboard. Fujifilm therefore has an IBIS system that also fits in very compact cameras. According to Fujifilm, it offers six stops advantage for lenses without image stabilization, both for photo and video. That is slightly less than on the X-T4, which offers 6.5 stops profit, but a full stop more than on the X-H1. This X-S10 is also the first mid-range camera equipped with a special motion sensor that helps to suppress small vibrations caused, for example, by the mechanical shutter mechanism.

 The X-S10 has a shooting mode dial.

The Fujifilm X-S10 is simpler
The operation of the X-S10 is designed differently than with the other X-cameras. Instead of separate shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation dials, there is now one shooting mode dial (Auto, SP, P/A/S/M), as with many other brands. This makes it a little easier to operate for those who do not want to work (semi-)manually. On the dial there are four programmable positions (C1 to C4) where you can store your favorite settings for portrait, studio, outdoor and sports, for example.

The Auto and SP recording modes have become more useful on the X-S10. Now you can also work in RAW format in these modes instead of just in jpeg. The Color Chrome effect for color enhancement and the dynamic range are now also adjustable in these modes. In addition to the 18 familiar film simulations, the X-S10 can also fully automatically select the film simulation that best suits the scene.

productshot Fujifilm X-S10 sensor
 The X-S10 contains a 26 megapixel image sensor in APS-C format.


With the same 26-megapixel image sensor and image processor as the award-winning X-T4, the X-S10 delivers the same high image quality and fast autofocus with eye and face recognition as expected. Of course, we are waiting for a test model to confirm that suspicion. In continuous mode, it achieves 8 shots per second with the mechanical shutter, and 20 images per second with the electronic shutter. Filming can be done in 4K resolution at 30 fps with 4:2:0 8-bit (on SD card) or 4:2:2 10-bit (with an external recorder). Thanks to improved heat dissipation, the camera has a maximum recording time of 30 minutes in 4K and 60 minutes in FHD.


 Camera Fujifilm X-S10
sensorx, x Mp
max. series speed1x
storage mediax
battery capacityx shots
weight (incl battery)x g
list price€ 999.00 (body)


image quality 
light metering 
white balance 
final score 

ConclusiON: REVIEW Fujifilm X-S10

The X-S10 is expected at the end of November with a recommended price of €999.00 (body). There will be kits with the XC15-45 (€1,099), XF18-55 (€1,399) and XF16-80 (€1,499) lenses.



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