Continuous light: Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad


The Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad is a thin and light LED panel that gives beautiful soft light. It is ideal for both product photography and video recordings. The Luxpad works both on outlet power and with batteries and can therefore be used anywhere and anywhere.

MF 010

The front of the Luxpad 43 with the honeycomb pattern of the diffusion screen.


LED light is becoming more and more popular. And that’s not strange. LED lights are easy to use. They stay cool, even without additional cooling. That can be handy for product photography of objects that may not cope well with heat, but it is also nice for a video interview. Cool lights help ensure that the person you are shooting doesn’t immediately start sweating. Because LED lights do not require cooling fans, they are also quiet. This lets you use them perfectly for video. With LED, you do not have any annoying hum or noise on the soundtrack. They also consume little energy, and they last for a long time. You do not have to let them cool down after use before storing them, and they do not crack easily if you bump into them, which can happen with some lights that get very hot. The color reproduction of LED panels is also getting better, and you no longer have to make a bigger investment to get LED lighting that performs well. The Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad is a good example of this. The Luxpad panels make use of the latest-generation LEDs and combine special features with high light quality.

LuxURY set

The back of the Luxpad 43 with both batteries, the knobs for power and color temperature and the control LEDs for battery charging. The Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad is delivered as a complete set. The kit consists of two LED panels, four batteries, two chargers, two power supplies, two tripods and two handles so that you can use the panels by hand. And of course, all the cables and accessories are included so that you can get started immediately with the Luxpad. The whole thing is in a good carrying case with preformed spaces for all the parts, so you can take the kit along with you easily and well-protected. The batteries have the standard Sony NP-F connector used for many video recorders, external light sources and external recorders. Those who have been making videos for a while will probably already have several of these batteries. On the back of the panels, there is a button with which you can see how much charge the batteries still have. The panels themselves are very thin and light. Without batteries, a single panel weighs just over 9 ounces, and they are 2.5 cm thin.


The Luxpad LED panels are bicolor. That is not unique, but quite special in this price class. With a knob on the back, you can steplessly vary from 5600K daylight to 3200K artificial light. This allows you to easily adjust the color temperature of the panels to the ambient light. You do not need to take along any extra filters to do that. Because you do not need to use light-absorbing filters for the panels, the light output remains high. The panels can also be dimmed steplessly. That is also very nice. If you think you have too much light, or if you want to change the ratio between the two lamps for a nice shadow, you can easily reduce the power a bit. That gives more light hours per battery charge, and it preserves the quality of the light. With non-dimmable panels, you have to move the lamp back to get less light. But the farther away you set the light, the harder the shadows become. With the Luxpad, you can put the panels as close as you want, giving you optimum soft light.


The light that the Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad provides is quite soft. By definition, LED panels are soft because the LEDs are spread across the whole panel. But there are still point-shaped light sources on each one that give a hard light. The Luxpad panels have an extra diffuser layer, so that the light form the LEDs is softened before it comes out of the panels. You can compare the light of the Luxpad with that of a softbox. But then with a softbox that does not take up much space. The light output is 400 lux at a distance of 1 meter. The light radiates at an angle of 150 degrees, which enables you to highlight a fairly large plane, even at a short distance. The color reproduction index (CRI value) is 95. That’s very good and more than enough for general photography and video. The Nanguang Luxpad 43 LED Light Pad can therefore be used even for professional applications.

Two panels top left and right provide beautiful, plastic lighting. The bouquet is only a few inches from a white wall, but the shadows are very soft.

With the Nanguang Luxpads, you can vary a lot in the exposure and color temperature.MF001



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