Review Samsung 50-150 mm NX

In the middle of 2014, the Samsung 50-150 mm f/2.8 S OIS was announced. This is Samsung’s first bright, professional, dust- and splashwater-tight telephoto zoom


Review Samsung NX1: Shoot WOW, share now?

Samsung has made a priority of user-friendly innovation, and is therefore very successful. The chance is good that you use a Samsung telephone, television, or


Review Samsung NX 16-50 mm f/2-2.8

The Samsung 16-50 mm f/2-2.8 ED OIS is a very bright zoom lens with Samsung’s own NX mount. It is a lens with an all-around


Review Samsung NX 18-55 mm OIS II (APS-C)

In a short time, Samsung has built up an impressive range of cameras with interchangeable lenses. Just like the established camera brands, Samsung sells an


Review Samsung Galaxy NX

Not so long ago, I chose the Samsung Galaxy NX as the most innovative camera from 2013, because this camera combines the ease of use


Review Samsung NX 300

The latest Samsung system camera is called NX300. It has the 20 megapixel APS-C sensor of the NX200 but with a number of new functionalities


Review Samsung NX 1000

In june 2012, the entry level Samsung NX1000 compact system camera was launched. It’s a really compact and fashionable entry-level mirrorless compact system camera. It