Lenses? 40% are hooked


More than 1,000 CameraStuffReview readers completed our survey over the number of lenses that they have. Personally, I drew the line at 5 or more lenses: if you have that many lenses, then I think you’re hooked on them. That’s of course not to say that if you have fewer lenses that you’re not a photography fan! But if you have that many lenses (15% of our readers even have more than 10 lenses, and I suspect that will include many examples from the analogue era), then it would appear to be impossible to deny that you’re a photography buff. In addition, see the results of our survey. If you have 2-4 lenses, then you belong to the Jan Modaal/Otto Normalverbraucher or Joe Sixpack group on our site. If you just have 1 lens, then you need to change that soon! Look in our updated overview of lenses, where we’ve made it even easier for you to make a choice.



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