More telephoto lens reviews

Meer tseten van telelenzen en testen van groothoeklenzen

As you may have noticed, we occasionally place a survey on the right side of our site a survey with a simple question. These questions are intended to make the content of CameraStuffReview even more attuned to the lenses, sorry, I mean: needs of our readers.
The first question we asked was, whether you guys photographed in RAW or in jpg. Rather to my surprise, it turned out a much greater proportion of our readers photograph in RAW. Nice! The action that we have taken is adding RAW scores to the testing of lenses. Soon, we we’ll revise that in the overview with all the test results of our lens tests. With the camera reviews, we did that already.


Meer tseten van telelenzen en testen van groothoeklenzen

In order to make the right choice from the range of lenses for our future testing, we asked you what your favorite lens type is. You see the results in the picture on the right. The largest preference (32%) you guys give to telephoto lenses, followed closely with 31% by wide angle lenses, at a proper distance followed by standard lenses. We like that you prefer telephoto lenses and wide angle lenses and are going to do our best to listen. More testing of telephoto lenses! More testing of wide-angle lenses!

Meer testen van telezoom lenzen

Hopefully, we can entertain you with our Sigma 120-300 mm Sports review and the Nikon 80-400 mm VR II review, where telephoto lenses are concerned. For fans of wide angle and standard lenses we recently published a Sigma 18-35 mm Art review, a Canon 18-55 mm STM review and slightly longer ago the Sigma 35 mm 1.4 Art review – that last lens, with both a Canon mount (on a Canon 5D MK3) and a Nikon mount (Nikon D800E and Nikon D7100). And now that we’ve arrived at the lens mount, thta’s why we posted a survey, in which we asked you about your favorite camera.




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