Nikon cameras are the most popular with you


More than 625 readers have in recent weeks replied to our question about their favorite camera. It will come as no surprise that Canon and Nikon took the first two places. Based on sales figures, we expected both brands to be close.
To our surprise it appears Nikon is by far the most popular, with nearly half (45%) of the votes. Canon came in with just over 25% of the votes, in second place. Micro-43 (Olympus and Panasonic, with about the same number of votes) came in third place with 10% of the vote, followed closely by Sony.
The number of respondents is statistically too low to draw conclusions. And we aren’t going to do so. However, it is valuable for us that you have taken the trouble to complete the survey, because we publish two tests per week and so make choices about where to focus our attention. Your answers help us with this.


It may be clear that we will keep testing the cameras of Nikon and Canon. In addition, we want to broaden our test offerings. Fujifilm, Pentax, Leica and Samsung each had 5% or fewer of the votes. We at CameraStuffReview have not yet published much about these brands for camera tests or lens tests. It doesn’t surprise us then that there are relatively few readers of CameraStuffReview who indicate that these are their favorite camera brands. We already saw these answers as encouragement for more attention to be paid to Samsung, Pentax, Fujifilm or Leica cameras.

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What’s your favorite lens brand?


In an earlier survey, we asked about to your favorite lens type. Telephoto lenses and standard lenses scored relatively high there. We’re now testing those. Which camera mount we should choose for our testing, we can distill from the current survey.
Now we would like to know to what brand you prefer, so that we can keep it in mind in the future for lens tests. We are curious what you say.



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