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What are your favorite subjects to photograph? We asked, and almost 500 readers have completed the survey. After we had gotten about two hundred comments, naked photography stood in the top three of favorite subjects. Just barely behind second place, even.I found that surprising, because we’d never actually gotten questions on this subject from our readers. I also hadn’t expected to naked photography to be done more than, for example, portrait photography. But as we got more comments, the view became more balanced. Naked photography is now no longer in the top 5 photography forms that you practice the most. To my surprise photographing family members isn’t even in the top 5 — surprising because I see a lot of these shots every day.



Nikon AF 24 mm @ full size, f11, 50 ISO

Landscape photography

If I count Urban Landscapes, I also belong to this group. I do the most photography during my holidays. A full frame camera rewards you with excellent signal/noise ratio, a nice dynamic range and an extremely high level of detail. The Nikon D800E (for almost two years the best camera in our camera review overview) at the lowest possible ISO value delivers a wide view and the best detai of the cameras we’ve tested so far. This subject is open to everyone, and landscapes are ideal practice material to develop your photographic skills or to express your creativity. Luminous Landscape is one of my favorite websites. There are lots of websites on the internet that can inspire you. Do you know 50 mind-blowing landscapes or Landscape Photography Magazine


Thirteen percent of our readers prefer to photograph animals. I wouldn’t be most surprised if pets were the most photographed, although I see a lot nice cameras and lenses at the zoo. When shooting wildlife, smaller-sensor cameras are extra-attractive because you bring the subject closer to you without investing extra in expensive, heavy lenses. And if you have a big, professional telephoto lens on a camera with a smaller sensor, it delivers spectacular, sharp pictures. Testing the Canon 200-400 mm f/4 zoom with built-in teleconverter on a Canon 650D was a highlight for me in the past year.


Portrait Photography

Twelve percent of our readers prefer making portraits. Frankly, I didn’t expect that animal pictures would land high in popularity than portrait photography. On the other hand, it rarely happens that an animal complains about having its picture taken. With family members that’s a bit different.

The maxim is often that you need to use a focal length of 100 mm for a beautiful portrait. The portrait shown here I made with the lens that I always take along on holiday: the Panasonic 7-14 mm

22 portrait photography tips, or find inspiration for making a self-portrait by viewing thisnbsp;100 self-portraits



Ten percent of our readers have macro photography as a favorite subject. That’s also reflected in the popularity of the article How do I use a macro lens? Further, we refer to a number of useful tools in: How do I calculate focal depth, enlargement, hyperfocal distance or field of view?, with which you can determine the picture yardstick itself. Macro lenses are above average and are also good to use in other forms of photography. Right now, we’re testing macro lenses in the same way as regular lenses. And macro lenses are a pleasure to test, because the picture quality is so exceptionally good. Not only is the center sharpness high, but the sharpness is also pretty even over the image, and distortion is almost always absent.



The staff of CameraStuffReview wish you all a happy 2014.



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