Test report Canon 6D


Canon 6D test report: measuyrement results

This is an attachment of our Canon 6D review. The measurements were performed using Imatest. For the test method and explanation of terms, see FAQ. Conclusion and sample images are shown in our Canon 6D review.



We have measured the resolution of the Canon 6D with a Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 II lens. Compared to the Canon 5D MK3, or the Canon 5D MK2, you expect a slightly lower resolution for the Canon 6D, because of the lower amount of megapixels. For the RAW files, the measured resolution was according to expectations.
The RAW files from Canon 6D that we developed with Lightroom we found for the Canon 6D a resolution of 2500 lines per picture height (versus 2800 for the 5D MK2 and MK3 for 3000). The jpg files saved with a standard picture style directly into the camera, we even found with 2,500 lines per picture height for the Canon 6D higher resolution than the Canon 5Dmk2 and Canon 5D MK3, both something delivered under 2000 lines per picture height.

Dynamic range

The total dynamic range of the Canon 6D RAW files with 10.3 stops at ISO 100 and 7.5 stops at 6400 ISO as high as we have measured. 5D MK3 for Canon And that was about 0.3 stop higher than for the Canon 5D MK2. In the jpg files from the Canon 6D we even found a higher dynamic range than the Canon 6D for the Canon 5D Canon 5D MK2 and MK3. DynamicRange
Where the Canon cameras with a full frame sensor excel, the usable dynamic range at high ISO values. The noise above ISO 6400 is that recordings of the Canon 6D are more usable than recordings made with, for example, the Nikon D600.

Here you see a 100% crop of the sky photographed at 6400 ISO. Move your mouse over the image for a 100% crop.



Thanks to the large pixels on the full-frame sensor, the Canon 6D shows little noise. To the right you see a crop of an ISO 100 test shot, which shows no visible grain. We need to illustrate. When testing cameras towards higher ISO settings to differences between cameras Formerly was at ISO 400, ISO 3200 now is that earlier.

When testing cameras, we find that usually the two highest ISO settings of a camera yield little useful results. But the highest value of the Canon 6D – ISO 102 400 – provides still quite amazing image quality, for sucha high ISO setting, as you can see below.



Color accuracy @ daylight

100ISORAWDaylightColor {insertgrid=170}

The above illustration shows the color accuracy of an ISO 100 RAW image (picture style: faithful), made in daylight. Only the red colors are a little bit more saturated than in reality, which in itself gives pleasant images. The standard picture style gives greater color differences, compared with the faithful picture style. The further the ideal color (square) is removed from the color of the camera (round), the greater the color difference. It is clear that the Canon 6D has a very accurate color rendering, equivalent to that of the Canon 1Dx or the Canon 5D MK3. For the test method and explanation of terms, see FAQ

Color accuracy @ tungsten light

miniTungsten {insertgrid=171}

In artificial light you can not blindly rely on the auto white balance, both jpg and RAW files,  as is clearly seen in the results shown above for the color accuracy of a 200 ISO jpg file. This is a conclusion with which we now end our test report for almost every camera. In other words: in tungsten light the Canon 6D is just as good as any other camera we’ve tested. Shoot in RAW and correct the whitebalance afterwards for the best results.


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