Review Canon 1100D measurements

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The measurements were carried out with the aid of Imatest. For the test method and explanation of terms, see FAQ. Conclusion and sample images are shown in the Canon 1100D review.
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Resolution of the sensor

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Imatest measurements <a href=

A good lens is a good investment, also for the Canon 1100D. We have tested the resolution of the Canon 1100D in combination with the Canon 24-70 mm 2.8, an expensive but very good professional lens. It delivers good performances in comparison to for example the Canon 60D or the Canon 7D. The Canon 1100D delivers a jpg file with an average resolution of 1300 LW/PH. You do see the resolution slowly decrease due to increasing noise reduction at higher ISO settings. With a standard processing of RAW files in Lightroom, an average resolution of 1400 LW/PH is achieved. These values are, thanks to the Canon 24-70 mm lens, close to the resolutions of the Canon 60D and the Canon 7D, both 16 megapixel cameras, while the Canon 1100D ‘only’ has 12 megapixels. With the naked eye you cannot see the differences in resolution between these cameras. Here is a cropped image of a Canon 1100D ISO 200 jpg image, which is increased to 16 megapixels in Photoshop, along with a image cropping of a shot taken with the Canon 7D.

Click on the image to view the images at 100%.


Dynamic range of the sensor

The total dynamic range of the RAW files averages 8.7 stops, with a maximum of 10 stops at 100 ISO. More important than the overall dynamic range is the usable dynamic range: jpg files with from ISO 100 to ISO 1600 have a usable dynamic range of 6 stops, then the usable dynamic range is reduced to 1 stop at ISO 6400. That is an almost as good performance as the Canon 7D.

The useful dynamic range of jpg files is seemingly better than that of the RAW files. Yet that is not the case. We test RAW files without noise reduction. If you carefully optimize contrast, sharpening and noise reduction of RAW files, RAW files provide a usable dynamic range that is better or equal to that of jpg files.

By not using the noise reduction at a RAW file, you get an idea of the quality of the sensor. The usable dynamic range of Canon cameras are quite similar if you compare RAW files without NR. In Jpg files, the noise is reduced by the camera, and especially at higher ISO settings a higher dynamic range is measured. On average, all Canon SLRs are then a match for each other. Which is good news for a (potential) Canon 1100D owner.

Dynamic Range Canon 1100D


Comparison of the noise in jpg files with the measured noise in RAW files without noise reduction shows that noise reduction occurs at the jpg files at all ISO settings. We know from experience that if the noise is less than 2.5%, a photo can be printed on A3 + size without the noise being seen as disturbing.

Noise RAW Canon 1100D

By applying an increasing degree of noise reduction at higher ISO settings, the Canon 1100D delivers jpg files that show low noise from ISO 100 to 6400 ISO. Due to that increasing noise reduction, the resolution from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 decreases with approximately 30%. That is still acceptable. By applying a slight degree of noise reduction to RAW files, even better results can be achieved for RAW files.

Noise JPG Canon 1100D

Color reproduction daylight

mini Canon1100D daylight colorerror


Hold your mouse over the left image for a larger version.

The Canon 1100D delivers RAW files with good color reproduction (picture style: faithful). The performances of all Canon SLRs are very close together at this point. The reds are slightly more saturated than the ideal values, but that does look nice. It makes portraits a tad warmer. The left illustration shows the color errors of an ISO 200 jpg image shot in daylight. The further the ideal color (square) is removed from the color of the camera (round), the greater the color difference. For the test method and explanation of terms, see FAQ.


Color reproduction artificial light

mini Canon1100D tungsten colorerror


The color reproduction of the Canon 1100D is just as good as that of other, more expensive cameras. By correcting the white balance retrospectively, the light orange color cast can be easily corrected.

Read the conclusion and our practical experiences in our review of the Canon 1100D


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