Video with an SLR uninteresting?


There’s more happening in photography than we can write about. Much more. We thus have to make choices about what we write about. To help with this, we now and then present a survey, to find out from our readers what they find interesting. Usually, we get between 500 and 800 reactions from readers, if we leave a survey on the site for a couple of weeks. But when we ask what interests you about video, it stays quiet.

This time, we got a bit less than 100 responses from our readers. And 15% of those respondents answered that they don’t want to know anything about video.


To be honest, this suprised me, because filming with a camera with interchangeable lenses seems to me like a lot of fun. I hope to be able to spend more time doing it in the coming year. But you guys have made that more difficult with your subject choices, because the opinion of our readers about what we need to give the most attention to was also quite divided. There’s a small preference for more attention to video in camera tests (20%), general explanation of the understanding, tutorials and tests of video accessories (only 15%). Even so, the signal from you is clear: we will remain primarily focused on photography. I’m curious to see what you will all think about this next year.



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