The Nikon FTZ-II adapter is an adapter for using Nikon F lenses on Z cameras. This model is more compact than its predecessor and is actually the only right adapter for the Nikon Z9.

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TEST RESULTS Nikon FTZ-II adapter:



  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • No bulge underneat
  • No built-in motor
  • No tripod connection

The Nikon FTZ-II adapter is more compact and attractive than the first generation.


Nikon FTZ-II adapter productshot

Ever since the introduction of the Z system, Nikon has had an adapter to use lenses with an F mount on a camera with a Z mount. That’s the FTZ adapter. Now there’s the Nikon FTZ-II adapter. It’s smaller and lighter than the FTZ. The fact that the FTZ II weighs slightly less and is not so large is mainly due to the absence of the protuberance on the underside of the FTZ adapter. The main reason why Nikon omitted it on the FTZ II is that the original FTZ does not fit well on Nikon’s new flagship, the Nikon Z9. You can put the FTZ on a Z9, but your fingers will no longer fit on the vertical grip. Functionally, both adapters are exactly the same. If you already have an FTZ and are not going to purchase a Z9, you do not have to switch.


The FTZ II is basically usable with many Nikon F lenses, but there are a few important limitations. For example, the adapter does not control the aperture of Ai and Ais lenses, and the autofocus of older AF lenses does not work without a built-in autofocus motor. So you will have to focus manually. For simple kit zooms, the solution is obvious: buy a newer and more modern one. But there are special lenses such as the 105mm and 135mm Nikkors with DC (Defocus Control) that you still cannot use with this adapter with autofocus on the Nikon Z cameras.


Nikon FTZ-II adapter bouw

The Nikon FTZ-II adapter is almost completely round and therefore looks much more like a natural extension of the lens or like a teleconverter. It is 10 grams lighter than the FTZ and of course just as thick. The adapter has a paint layer with a structure that should fit well with the Nikon F lenses. The adapter is made entirely of metal and has gaskets to prevent moisture and dust from penetrating through the front and rear mounts. The adapter has only one slider and that is of course to unlock lenses. Due to the absence of the protuberance on the underside, there is no tripod connection on this adapter. That is a pity, because heavier lenses are so nicely balanced when you can place a quick coupling plate under the adapter. The weight of the lens then hangs on one side and the weight of the camera on the other.

 Nikon FTZ-II adapter
field of view (diag)N/A
sensor formatFX and DX
min. setting distanceN/A
filter diameterN/A
diaphragm bladesN/A
image stabilizerN/A
dimensions (dxl)70×30 mm
weight125 gr
mountNikon Z


list price€ 289.00

ConclusiON: REVIEW Nikon FTZ-II adapter

Nikon FTZ-II adapter praktijkshot

With the FTZ-II adapter, lenses sit just a bit more comfortably in the hand.

The Nikon FTZ-II adapter is functionally identical to the FTZ. So if you already have an FTZ, upgrading is not really a given. If you are now making the transition from a DSLR to a mirrorless Nikon and want to continue using your existing lenses, we would opt for the FTZ II. Not only does it look better, but with the FTZ II, the lenses are also slightly more comfortable to hold. For the price it doesn’t matter: it’s the same for both. 


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